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Hosted Services

Business is moving to the cloud and we think you should to.

Our extensive list of cloud or hosted services include services to support all the major areas of your business.  From website hosting, email, telephony to sharepoint, anti-virus, and offsite backups, our team of Cloud Service Specialists can assist you in determining the right solution for YOUR business.


Most of our cloud services are hosted and managed directly by Atlanta SBT, which means simplified management, support, and billing.  For those services which are not (such as internet service providers), our Cloud Service team can guide you through your options, assist with ordering and provisioning your service, and of course, provide technical support and act as a liason once your service is installed.


Some of our CLOUD services include ...

- Microsoft Exchange / Email / Archiving

- Microsoft Sharpoint

- RingCentral Telephone Systems

- Trend-Micro Worry Free Anti-Virus

- MozyPro Offsite Backup

- Adobe Creative Cloud

- Microsoft Office 365

- Internet Services such as DSL, Cable or Fiber

- Direct TV and Comcast Television Services

- Cloud Software such as QuickBooks and Point-of-Sale

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Helpdesk

- and many, many, more.